London Design Biennale 2021: Amplify

In light of the uncertainties of the unprecedented times we find ourselves in and since announcing that we have been selected to represent Ghana at the London Design Biennale, the decision has been made, by organisers, to postpone the 2020 show to June this year.

While initially disappointed, we can see the silver lining and are rethinking our approach in realising this project. It gives us the chance and time to speak to you and involve you in this process, as a collective community. We are excited by this unique opportunity to share and provoke a different perspective of Ghana, the continent and intercultural exchange.

Our response to the exhibition theme of ‘Resonance’, is titled Amplify. Our collaboration explores the conversation between Ghana and two of its former colonial rulers, Britain and Denmark, over four centuries. A site-specific concept; the architecture and 450-year history of Somerset House provide the perfect foil for the project. It is an exploration of what might have been, had the relationship between Ghana and its former colonisers been fair and mutually beneficial, contrasted with the reality of pillage and exploitation.

The exhibit will explore and manipulate; materials, space, light and textures. Amplify will suggest an equilibrium of environmental and cultural sensitivity that resonates with the 21st century.

 will demonstrate the power of creative thinking to bring about social change and trigger cultural debate.